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How can shooting with laser tag guns help team spirit?

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Laser Shootout is a team based programme. As with any other team based competition, team members will have to pit their wits and startegize, communicate and work together to out perform other teams.

When we run our laser tag programmes, it is not merely, go out there and kill one another. It involves different scenarios that have varied requirements. Participants will not only need to teach one another the proper combat techniques, they will have to communicate and sometimes motivate one another to complete the mission objectives.

Laser Tag teambuilding is gaining popularity over traditional war games as it uses infra-red technology, which means no one actually gets shot physically, he rounds and hits are all electronically monitored.


Start Your Event with a Bang (laser tag)!

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Yes, the laser tag guns have finally arrived.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Anergy Fun Engineers is proud to present the latest trend in corporate team building and fun events for adults and children... the one and only souce of wargamming without age limit... Anergy Laser Shootout!

Other than using our laser tag equipment for team building programmes, we also offer our services to other events companys who are interested in using these equipment for product launches or as a game stall during a family day event.


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Anergy has a branch office in Singapore. So if you are thinking of an offsite retreat in Singapore, our colleagues in Singaopre will be able to assit you. We also have various venue partners in Singapore who will be able to give you attractive rates for your team building event. Contact our Singapore office or Hong Kong office to find out more.