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How Do I Plan a Team Building Session?

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Planning a team building session requires a significant amount of time and coordination skills. I will attempt to simplify this process and make it as easy to remember as possible.


You must first nail down why is this session being planned. Sit down with the department head and the event sponsor to find out why they want such an event. In many cases, the objectives will decide what type of activities as well as the venue you will be sourcing for


Understanding who you are working with will give us an idea of what type of events they will like. Are they managerial level or rank and file staff? People tend to belive that managers will enjoy thinking games more and rank and file staff will enjoy hands on activities more. This can be used as a rule of thumb but we have came across exceptions

Time frame

How long do you have to get everything in order? A good time line to work with is usually about 1.5 months. With a 1.5 months lead time for a normal group size of below 100, you should be able to source for an available venue and find a vendor or internal trainer that can conduct your team building programme.


Unless there is a reason to put them under certain environment (e.g. stretching them physically), it is best to find out more about the fitness level of the participants and whether or not they are able to exert themselves in strenuous physical activities. Are there specific types of programmes that they like?


Buget is an important factor to consider. Typical one day seminar package in Hong Kong can easily cost between HK$500 to HK$1,000 and that excludes the team building fees, which can amount to anywhere between HK$450 to HK$1,000 depending on group size and type of programme. Some options to consider include doing an outdoor programme (that will save on seminar package) & half-day programmes, which will cost around 70% of full day rates.


How willl success of the event be measured by? You will need to ask the sponsor and the deparment head this question so that at the end of the day we know what the deliverables are.


Last but not least a venue has to be selected and doing somthing locally always cost lesser than getting everyone one a plane or ferry to conduct a programme overseas. Going overseas however, makes the whole event more exciting and will help to hype up all the participants even if it is just to Macau or Zhuhai.

With these points in mind, rolling out a team building event is just a matter of calling a few vendors and finding from them about what they can offer you. One other important thing is to get someone who knows what team building is and conducts programmes regularly for corporate groups.

The last thing you want is a company charging you below average costs and employing high school students who have been running camps for students for your corporate event.

If you need any further information regarding planning a team building event, do contact us via our contact form.

Thank you!

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 April 2009 08:58  


In view of the economic crisis, we have lowered our meeting & seminar planning fees to as low as 10% of all incidental charges (minimum fee of HK$7,500 per event day), secretarial service at as low as HK$1,800 per day. All expenses will be documented and copy of proof of purchases submitted during invoicing.