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Icebreaking 遊戲: Hunter, Fire & Earthquake

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Hunter, Fire & Earthquake is another active ice breaking game for fun loving groups. Participants form up in threes, with two of them holding their hands (forming and "shelter") over the third player. The two players with the joint hands are called, "trees" and the third player stooping between them are called, "squirrels".

The person conducting this icebreaking 遊戲 then calls out either, "Hunter", "Fire" or "Earthquake".

When "Hunter" is being called, all the "squirrles" will have to leave their tress and find another cave to live in, (which means there should be 1 or 2 free players who are not already in threes before the start of the game.

When "Fire" is being called, al the "trees" will have to run for their lives, find another tree and another squirrel to partner with.

When the last scenario, "Earthquake" is given, all hell breaks lose and everyone finds two other players to be their new partners.

Again, we must emphasise that this game is for fun loving groups and it can be a little chaotic but those who play the game will find that it can be very entertaining.



In view of the economic crisis, we have lowered our meeting & seminar planning fees to as low as 10% of all incidental charges (minimum fee of HK$7,500 per event day), secretarial service at as low as HK$1,800 per day. All expenses will be documented and copy of proof of purchases submitted during invoicing.