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Team Building 遊戲 During Presentations

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Yes, the title reads, "Team Building 遊戲 During Presentations". Some people will never mix work and play. Perhaps they have their reasons but for us, mixing work and play is highly encouraged and especially during team building sessions if you have long presentations to make.

By simply including some quizes in between your presentations, you will be able to provide some comic relief and at the same time, keep your audience interested in your presentation. By simple keeping scores or giving some token prizes to the people who answer correctly, they will be actively participating and looking forward to the next question.

You can easily find materials on the net to insert into your presentations but here are some help from us. Remmber that it doesn't always have to be in the form of a picture, text can do too, like "What is the breed of president Obama's dog called". I'm sure some people will know the answer (Portugese Water Dog named Bo). If you want to make it more challengng for your team (or you know that they will need something deeper than that) you can go for, "Is it true that Portugese Water Dogs do not cause allergy?" The answer is "No" but you've got to do some homework if you want to use this question (just google it, you'll find the answer in a minute).

You can also include questions like, "How many pounds equals to 1kg" or "How many degrees fahrenhet is 100 degrees celcius" or "How long is one light year" (2.2046226, 212 & 9,460,730,472,580.8 km respectively).

If you want to practice your right brain a little, you can also draw some pictures with your mouse using Paint software (under Start Menu/ All Programs/ Accessories folder) or Adobe Photoshop Premier (shipped with some laptops) like:

teambuildig-quiz (bridge over troubled water)

teambuiding quiz 2 (mexican frying egg)

You can even attempt to draw mona lisa and you'll be amazed someof them may really guess it!

These team building quizes are meant to be funny and it will bring a lot of laughter to the team. Alternatively, you may also pick out name during the short breaks and make them draw pictures for the team to guess.

If you take a 15 min break for short quizes in between long presentations (maybe every hour or so), it will make your meeting more productive.


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