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Brains, Brawn & Bucks Team Building with JPMorgan Chase & Co

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We are glad to announce our new project with JPMorgan Chase & Co to conduct a series of our highly popular indoor team building game show, "Brains, Brawn & Bucks" (or B-cube in short) for a few of their groups.

From our knowledge, this group of participants are managment associates who are undergoing training at the JPMorgan Chase. These are mostly high achievers who are selected from various parts of the world join the bank to learn the ropes about banking.

A world class team will requre a world class programme and B-cube is one of our highly sought after team building programme for "thinkers" and "doers" alike. The game is adapted from Dr. Howard Gardner's research on Multiple Intelligence, the game show is highly interactive, with participants brainstorming and working together to solve quizes and tasks that test their wits to the limits. The genre of questions and tasks span across general knowledge, mathematics, science, arts, music, artistic talents, creativity... etc. Every question will require the participants to work together with others to come out with the most accurate answer to win cash (game money).

From the game, the participants not only get to appreciate talents of their team mates, they get to bond through a series of interesting tasks that will keep them talking for weeks or months to come.

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