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Fish Philosophy Inspiried "Work Fun" Training Workshop

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Fish mongers may not be the usual people we learn about work place cultures from, but the "world famous" Pike Place Fish Market is really remarkable.

Picture yourself being a fish monger working with 12 other men, waking up in the wee hours of the morning, carrying, cutting and selling fish in a market. How will you behave on a day to day basis? How will you react when potential customers ask you "stupid" questions over and over again?

Most people will be grumpy and go through the day with a "don't ask me anything" or "i'm not intereste to talk" attitude.

The fish philosophy training video shows a fish stall in Seattle, USA, which went through the exact same things that we described earlier, staff turnover was high, morale was low and sales was not as good as it should be. People hated to work there.

Then one day the boss, Johnny, had a revealation. He gathered the staff to ask them about their vision of the fish stall and one junior staff said he wanted to be "world famous". They kind of agreed that "world famous" was something that they should work towards and their behaviour started to change.

They started to have fun at their work place, focused on fulfilling their duties, meeting the customers' needs and making them happy and displaying a positive attitude to whatever happened at work. Subsequently, they started to enjoy their work, staff turnover dropped, crowds just started to gather around their stall and they actually became famous in Seattle.

Eventually, a production company approached their boss to produce a training video on the fish stall's philosophy and the boss readily agreed. The video has since helped thousands of organisations around the world improve their work place culture and today, the fish stall really is world famous! By the way, their business improved tremendously too as more and more people travelled to Seattle to visit them.

Our "Work Fun" Workshop, inspired by the fish philosophy training video will help organisations and teams who are keen to improve their work place culture and relationships, promote having fun at work and focus on internal and external customer service. Work Fun Workshop will motivate your staff to mix fun and work, stay focused on their tasks, go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers and exhibit a positive attitude to changes in their workplace. 


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